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*NEW* Into the Narrative: Modern US History for Middle Grades

*NEW* Into the Narrative: Modern US History for Middle Grades

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Into the Narrative is a secular, literature based US History guide for the eras from the Civil War to Modern Day, best suited for students ages 10-12. It is an inclusive, multimedia curriculum with curated resources scheduled weekly for a complete year of homeschool history.

You won't find a textbook, or a boring recitation of facts. Instead, you'll discover stories.

Stories of people like:

  • Robert Smalls, a man born enslaved who would become one of the first Black members of Congress
  • Jovita Idár, early 20th century Latina activist
  • Stubby, the hero dog of WWI
  • Frances Perkins, the first female Cabinet member
  • Fred Korematsu, who demanded justice in the wake of Japanese internment
  • Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender woman leading the fight for LGBTQ+ rights  

And so many more. You'll read their stories in exciting narrative books, hear their stories in riveting podcast episodes, and explore what it was like in their time through interactive, online role playing games.

 Your learners will also become historians themselves as they learn to analyze primary source documents, and they will apply critical thinking and problem solving skills as they solve mysteries of the past. 

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This is a digital product. Books must be purchased separately and are not included in this download. 

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