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Looking Back Homeschool Planner & Journal

Looking Back Homeschool Planner & Journal

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The Looking Back Homeschool Planner & Journal is different from your usual planner, because it's designed to be used for reverse planning.


What is reverse planning?

Instead of making a schedule then constantly erasing and rewriting when things don't go as planned, this method encourages you to spend a few moments each day reflecting and recording what you actually did.


This planner makes it easy! Every day, note in the weekly spread pages what your learners accomplish. You'll find spaces to list specific subjects covered, lessons, books read, and more.


Then, use the Our Homeschool this Week pages to reflect on your week: the good, the bad, and everything in between. 


Finally, chose one day a week to record a "daily snapshot" and journal about your day.


This planner makes portfolio time SO easy too: you already have a running record of your learners' studies, projects, and successes at your fingertips! Includes enough pages for a full academic year (36 weeks).


*Please note this is a SECULAR homeschool product.

**This is a digital file for download only. You may use it for your family, and print as many copies as you like for your personal use, but may not share or sell the files or printed products. 

Prefer a printed, spiral bound copy shipped directly to you? You can find it here.

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