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Reading Adventure Journal

Reading Adventure Journal

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Take your homeschool literature lessons to the next level with this Reading Journal. Perfect for read alouds or independent reading, this easy to use journal encourages your learner to explore story elements, vocabulary, and creative writing prompts related to the books that they read.


Use this journal to enhance your current literature curriculum or any books that you are reading. It can be adapted for picture or chapter books! You'll receive TWO versions of the reading journal, one with primary writing lines and one with secondary lines. Choose the version that works best for you!


Each 50+ page journal includes room for 5 books, with a table of contents that you can use to rate books as you read. Your learner will be encouraged to create their own book cover, to explore characters and story elements, note new vocabulary, and write creatively from a choice of book-related writing prompts.


This is a secular resource.

Please note this is a digital download. You will not receive a physical item. You have permission to make copies for your own family or classroom, but may not share the files with others.

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